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New federal wage and hour rule halted before taking effect

As discussed last week in this blog, Michigan employers are tasked with complying with a number of employment laws in the workplace. These laws change frequently, making it imperative that employers keep up to date in order to understand the requirements placed upon them.

A perfect example of this is the new employment law discussed in last week's blog post, the new federal overtime rule. The new rule, which was set to go into effect on December 1st, would have raised the salary threshold at which an employee could be considered exempt from overtime. In fact, the salary threshold would have doubled from the previous level.

New wage and hour overtime rule set to go into effect December 1

There is no shortage of challenges facing Michigan business owners. From meeting the demands of customers to dealing with competitors, there are always issues that must be addressed to find success.

The company also faces a number of internal challenges as well, including addressing issues that arise from time to time with employees. This includes keeping up to date on the ever-changing laws that impact the business, including changes in wage and hour laws.

Finding success before and after a contract is in place

When disputes arise between Michigan residents, it is not uncommon for both sides of the dispute to have different memories of what happened in the past. This is true not only in personal disagreements, but in professional matters as well, such as when dealing with business relationships.

Indeed, disputes between businesses can be even more complex. For instance, different representatives of the companies may have been saying different things at different times.

Business contracts may play by different rules than others

When Michigan residents are playing a game, or competing in any manner, one of the most important issues that must first be decided is what rules apply. The result can change drastically depending on what rules are in place, even if all the other factors remain the same.

The legal system is similar in this regard. One of the most important aspects of litigation is deciding what rules apply. If different rules apply, it can change the entire result of the case.

How can a business contract be modified?

Change is an inevitable part of life for Michigan residents. In addition to changes in one's personal life, change occurs in business all the time, whether due to changes in the company itself or due to external forces like the market or competitors.

As discussed last week in this blog, changes can also occur in the relationship between a business and one of its partners. Often, companies that have contractual relationships with one another will have a dispute arise as to future performance under the contract, or the meaning of some term contained within it. This kind of corporate dispute can quickly escalate into commercial litigation, when one party alleges a breach of contract by the other.

$1.5 billion breach of contract claim filed against Netflix

For many Michigan businesses, a key relationship with a business partner can pave a path toward success. Each business may do things better than the other in a specific area, and, working together, the companies can share their talents to make both businesses operate better.

While these strategic relationships can lead to increased profits and success, serious disputes can also arise between business partners when things go wrong. A simple contract dispute can quickly escalate into

Starting a new business? Do things the right way from the start

One of the most exciting times for Michigan residents is when they are engaging in a new business venture. The potential and opportunity that accompanies the new business venture can be enthralling, but starting a new business can also bring stress and anxiety.

As discussed recently in this blog, part of the stress comes from the fact that there are many decisions that must be made when starting a new business. These decisions can have major long-term consequences for the small business, so those involved in setting up the company want to get it right from the start.

The importance of a well-drafted operating agreement

As discussed last week in this blog, Michigan business owners often have a number of different options to consider when making important decisions for their company. The decision to pursue one alternative over another can end up having major consequences, whether those consequences are felt immediately or later down the road.

For instance, a new business start-up must make a number of decisions involving the structure and operations of the company. While the legal structure for the company is one such decision, there are other issues that must be set in place after this initial decision is made.

What must be in a new business's articles of incorporation?

In the business world, there are often a number of different alternative options that may be considered by Michigan small business owners. Whether it is going with one supplier over another, choosing a different location over another for the company's operations or making choices about hiring different individuals, there is often no shortage of choices available for the owner to make.

These choices begin well before the small business is even up and running. As discussed last week in this blog, one choice that must be made before the business starts operations is what type of business entity will be chosen. There are a number of different factors that play into making this decision, including the business's goals, management style and risk tolerance.

Overcoming the ever-changing obstacles facing small businesses

There is no shortage of challenges facing Michigan small business owners. From anticipating and dealing with changes in the market to ironing out disputes with vendors, employees and customers, to handling legal challenges that may arise, there is rarely a dull day in the office. These challenges are magnified even more for a new business start-up, which may have to break through a number of barriers just to compete with other existing businesses.

The challenges confronting a new business often start with understanding how to operate within the legal system. The law is constantly changing, with new requirements being placed upon businesses all the time.

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